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Hello! Welcome to my theme blog, bakaothemes. Please read the terms of use for more info.
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Kris aka. my saviour.
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About + FAQ #1 by ROBBARYA

Matches this tags page. Instructions in code, if you have any questions go to my ask


  • 4 customizable tabs (about + ask + faq) More can be added
  • 4 navigation links. More can be added
  • All colours are customizable
  • 80x80px icon
  • Infinite space to write. Scrollbar appears when is too long.


  • Don’t claim as your own
  • Don’t remove or move the credit
  • Don’t redistribute
  • Don’t use as a base. You can edit it as much as you like as long as the credit remains untouched.

Preview | Code

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You can easily toggle through this page to find an about section, a tagslist/navigation section, a blogroll and an FAQ+askbox. Page was made using a Carousel Slider, so preview the page to check out the sliding effect! Customize notes can be found in the code, like always.

!!! Important: to get your ask box to work, please ensure you check out the message on line 699 of the code.

Content credits go to maruti-bitamin. Background by Victor Bykov. Made with the help of str-wrs' sliding viewer tutorial!

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Tutorial: How to make flower & animal navigation links

Live Preview: HERE

Flower Links [Horizontal]: DOWNLOAD
Flower Links [Vertical]: DOWNLOAD

Animal Links [Horizontal]: DOWNLOAD
Animal Links [Vertical]: DOWNLOAD
Notes: These are the special navigation links I’ve created for a couple of my themes. Now you can use them for your own blog! (^∇^) There’s two versions of each: horizontal and vertical alignments.
For the animal links: you can switch the hover over feature on or off, but only for the horizontal version.
How to install? Click on Read More!

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Theme 16Loud

  Live preview  | code

I made this theme for my personal side blog and many people asked me was I going to release it, so here it is for those who asked for it! I named it loud because it contains loud colors I guess? (I’m running out of names! :P)


  • Sidebar image (60px width) 
  • 250px Post
  • 4 custom links 
  • optional infinite scroll (with back to top link)
  • & More (mainly color options)

Sidebar credit:[ x ]

Likes are much appreciated, but not needed. I hope you guys like my theme. Please let me know if anything goes wrong. Have an awesome day~

#2: candies
info: theme optimized for chrome.
{preview ; pastebin}

  • 250px and 400px posts
  • hidden menu
  • 5 customizable links
  • show/hide captions
  • yes/no fade photosets
  • yes/no grayscale photos
  • optional infinite scroll

don’t redistribute or copy, don’t remove the credit.
reblog/like if you’re gonna use it.
if you find some errors, feel free to tell me what’s wrong.


Links to Help You Start Coding by azurethemes/salazhar
I honor of opening my theme blog, I thought I’d make this post on learning how to code since many people ask where/how I started coding. This is not a tutorial on how to code a theme, but a list of resources on how to start learning HTML and CSS.

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jiuny inquired
Hi ! I use one of your fabulous themes ( 11: squalo) I really love this theme but I've got a problem with my ask page : it doesn't exist... I try to reinstall the theme, to open a new ask page but it doesn't work (T-T desperate now). Can you help me please? Thank you ♥ ♥ ♥


Make sure you have your inbox open!

Hello! I use your "Little Thief" theme, and I'm sorry if this has been answered before, but is there a reason that the Submit and Ask pages don't work on that theme? The page will show up with the Ask/Submit title, but the box doesn't. If you have a fix for this I'd be super grateful! ;0;


Themes don’t have any options when it comes to ask/submit pages, so if anything’s wrong then it’s probably tumblr, or your account, sorry.

nosensai inquired
hi Im using your 1st music player slide and on my theme the player isnt working right, I put it right below <body> and didnt edit anything except put the music code in. There's just the music player gif then the play button, forward button etc next to it, how do I fix it if I can so it can work properly? I really like it.


Remember to paste the CSS as well. I would be able to help more if I could see what you did? Sorry.

lazyassbanana inquired
I was wondering if a music player worked with theme 25:stuntman?I've been trying to put a music player but it doesn't show up on my blog.


Any music player would work with the theme, because they’re separate from the theme code. Just make sure you’re pasting the things in the proper places!