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garyoakstenthbadge inquired: Hello! I was wondering about your Electronica tag page; I do really like the fish at the top, but they don't really go with my theme so I was wondering is it possible to change that part to something more like a repeating background image and if so could I get the codes for that? Thank you! (Your themes really are lovely by the way c:)


Just delete line 318, and then replace line 56 with:

background-image: url(‘IMAGEURLHERE’);


Theme (17) Flora: 


NIGHT: live/code


  • four custom links
  • one sidebar picture
  • sticky navigation bar
  • scrolling description
  • full length permalink for pictures + photosets
  • like and reblog buttons
  • opt: pagination/infinite scroll
  • opt: music player
  • opt: 400px/250px post size

audio player credit (x
answer/ask credit (x)
any technical issues? (x)

magicaliftus inquired: HI! I was wondering if you did cursor trails maybe???


No sorry! Maybe sometime in the far future, but any time soon.

qwoshins inquired: Hello, I am using your about page 1, and I can't figure out how to change the font colour in the description.


I just looked at the code and I didn’t add in the code for that, but you can just add a line of code after line 152 that will allow you to change the colour.


Just make a new line for the piece of code and change the hexcode to whatever you’d like!

cres-e-dim inquired: I'm using Theme 19 on my sideblog and even though I appreciate it, I'd like to know if there's a way to add a corner image because I only use one column and the other side is really empty. I've tried tons of codes but they don't work.


You can scroll down to line 731, just above:

<div id=”side”>

and add in this code:

<img src=”IMAGEURLHERE” style=”position:fixed; bottom:0px; right:0px; z-index:-2;”>

If it still doesn’t work, retype all the quotation marks, because sometimes they don’t transfer through properly.

now-we-are-brothers inquired: Hello. I'm using your eternal blizzard theme. Your links are appearing like: 01, 02, 03... Is there any way to change their names?


The names appear when you hover over them. 8)





(Source: )


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smilestothishit inquired: Hi! Sorry for bother you. But i was wondering how you show your Terms of use. Is a redirect page? Because i want to do something similar for my blog. I'm sorry if i am not very clear, but i do hope you can understad what i'm trying to say :'c


My TOU pages are just individual custom pages. I just created a custom code for each page, then linked them each to their according pages (themes, pages, music players).

whalecome-to-my-wonderland inquired: I'm currently using the theme 'ETERNAL BLIZZARD' for one of my tumblr's but I want the music player to play on different pages, for e.g it plays on the home page but when I click on 'message' the music stops playing, so I'm wondering how I can make the music play for the other pages aswell :)


To allow the music player to play on all of your pages, you’ll need to go to line 621 in the code and delete {block:IndexPage}, then go to line 626 and delete {/block:IndexPage}. That’s it!