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Hello! Welcome to my theme blog, bakaothemes. Please read the terms of use for more info.
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Kris aka. my saviour.
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Pages [#4] — Omega [1]  by Fukuo

 Live preview and codes

An about me page which contains some information such as your name, age, likes, zodiac, quote and links. Please use this if you have a knowledge with HTML and CSS— please send me a message if you’re having a problem on using this page. For description, keep it 4 lines or it will looks weird.

NOTE: To change the zodiac signs, go here


  1. Box background made by snnns 
  2. Background: Subtle Patterns 
  3. Inspiration: Ladmilk

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Flora Photo Permalink Tutorial (as requested):

Difficulty: medium

Tutorial: x

Message me if you run into any issue ( x )

font friday 07/04/14 ; inspired by orphan black characters. [download]


If you’ll eventually end up using this theme,  please feel free (completely optional) to either like or reblog this post to let me know it’s being seen. However, please don’t borrow sections of the theme’s coding to integrate into your own personal work, remove the credit (you may move it wherever you want as long as it’s visible), redistribute, or claim as your own. Alterations of any-other-sort are completely allowed— you don’t even need to ask.

Features include:

  • Post-Size:  250px, 400px, or 500px. 
  • Up to five completely optional links.
  • Optional desaturated or faded posts with a transitional hover.
  • Customized “pre”, “code”, and other often-overlooked details.
  • Infinite-scroll and pagination, as requested for future works.
  • Very specific pixel dimensions for certain uploaded images- sorry!
  • A relatively simple sidebar featuring a hover-activated description, neatly hidden behind the “MainSidebar” image.
  • A customizable, ”user-friendly” option to change the theme’s overall post font-size, font-family, and other text-related features.
  • This theme’s built-in music player was specifically coded for the use of Billy. Keep this in mind.

When uploading the theme, you’ll find I replaced the default images with black and white icons depicting the necessary pixel dimensions for the graphics. If you’re more or less interested in the original graphics used, they’re found below:

  1. Background Image (for 250px postsize): x
  2. 45x45 Icons: x x x x x
  3. 70x70 Icon: x
  4. Sidebar Image: x

Please note all of Abominare’s themes are tested and coded in Google Chrome and may appear different in other browsers— especially this particular theme, which has browser-specific built-in css for certain fonts and animations/transitions.


White/Light background patterns for lilidope!

{ x }


Hey guys! This mini tutorial concerns transparent images and how to install them. Follow the instructions below and pay attention to my notes for the best results:


  • Place the following code beneath <style type=”text/css”>

.transparent {

 right: 15px; /* increase value to move image left/decrease value to move image right */

bottom: 0px; /* increase value to move image up/decrease value to move image down */

width: 320px; /* increase value to make image larger/decrease value to make image smaller */

height: auto;

position: fixed;

z-index: 99999;


.transparent img {

width: 100%;


note: If you want the image to be on the left side of your page, change ”right” to “left”. If you want the image to be at the top of the page rather than the bottom, then replace “bottom” with “top”. I’ve also written out instructions within the code explaining how to adjust your image’s size and margins.


  • Place the following code directly beneath <body>

<div class=”transparent”><img src=”

note: Make sure that you do not remove the quotations that surround your image url. If an element within your theme shares the div/tag name “transparent”, this tutorial will not work. An easy solution for this is to rename the element. For example, simply add a “1” to the end: “transparent1”, and you should be fine.

bonus: If you want this image to be a link, put this under <body> instead of the previous HTML code:

<a href=”LINK URL"><div class="transparent"><img src="REPLACE-THIS-TEXT-WITH-IMAGE-URL"></div</a>

note: if you want to reveal a title for when you hover over it, place this directly after “LINK URL” :


Thank you for reading and message me if you run into any problems. Source of the image in the tutorial header: x . Have an awesome day!


Cherry Sun - Submitted By ghostrib

#eda1a1 #edb1a1 #edc1a1 #eecea1 #f6daa3 #f7e7a8

theme #26
↳ preview | code

  • Infinite Scroll !
  • 400 / 500 Size Posts
  • Side Image
  • 6 Side Links


THEME 2.1 ⌊KILLER WHALE⌉ by Imaginedragons
 ⇛ Static Preview + Code

  • 500px or 400px posts
  • square sidebar picture wider than 100px
  • 8 custom links on toggle
  • 28 color options
  • infinite scrolling option
  • show blog title option
  • sidebar background option
  • quick reblog button
note: Since I haven’t posted a theme for a long time, I’m starting a new period with this theme in which I will have a more distinctive style and demonstration of my more mature coding ability

you can edit the themes as much as you want as long as you keep the credit
reblog/like if using, any questions can be asked here


Theme #4 by Meteorathemes 
              ↳ Welcome to Paradise

Static Preview: 400 / 500 | Get the Code!

Features of this Theme:

  • Technically a contained post theme, but the container is as tall as your screen.
  • 1 Column Posts, 400px or 500px Posts.
  • Option for Monochrome and Fading Pictures.
  • 40 Color Options in Appearance Tab.
  • Optional Search Bar.
  • 10 Pre-Coded Custom Links.
  • Jump Pagination.
  • Optional Music Player | Coded for Billy Music Player.
  • Top bar Image, Sidebar Image.
  • Tiling Content Background and Main Background.

Image Dimensions:

  • Top: 500 Posts: 900x168px 
    400 Posts: 800x149px
  • Side: 238x130px
  • Get Music Player GIF’s here!

Image Credit:

Corner Image: pixiv.

Like or reblog if you plan on using! It helps me a lot! And as always, should you run into problems, please contact me!